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Yay officially & legally 16 now! :D

Hey Ho,
long time no update my bloggie :(
so yea today is 4/3/2013.....................
its not just another monday for me.
its something!
haha yay im turning 16 today. legally kay!
well this is the best birthday so far.
got loads of wishes on twitter & fb & text & many more.
just a big big thanks to them.
i am happy, no jk.
a wish from each of them means so much to me.

this presents are from my very understanding lesbian lovEST babygirl, Nadine.
yes i really love pink!
she knows me well aint she? 
thank you bongok!

& this is from my beloved sister & her boyfriend.
hehe thank you Abang Amad  & Lily'!
love it loadssssssss <3

haha those necklaces are from the cutest love birds, Trah & Jaz.
i love collecting accessories!
thanks Trazman :D


well, thankyou for the presents okay guys?
i appreciate it :))
siapa nk bagi hadiah lagi? cepat tau!
i love presents! & surprises too :B
hehe idk why am i so happy.........
kay thats all for now, bye!

Marina Ghani.

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